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BASIC TRAFFIC CONTROLLER COURSE; One day workshop providing the nationally recognised qualification "Basic Traffic Controller (TC)". A TC person is qualified to establish, manage and de-establish a worksite without a STMS qualified person being present.

STMS COURSE; Two day workshop; This two day course covers:
• Prepare traffic management plans
• Check and approve traffic management plans
• Undertake duties of a STMS for level 1 temporary traffic management
• Undertake audits of temporary traffic management sites for level 1 TTM
• Establish, manage and de-establish a level 1 worksite

TTM AUDIT SKILLS TRAINING; One day workshop includes learning skills for:
1. Safer sites;
2. Short-comings are actioned and addressed
3. Conformance increases – “raises the bar” so you can be more certain that operations and employee performance are meeting the required standards.

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Basic Traffic Controller

This one day covers the minimum knowledge and theory for the requirements about taking all practical steps to minimize traffic hazards through effective traffic management.The TC qualification is a universal qualification attained by passing a set of test completed on the course. We offer a schedule of courses in Wellington and...
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STMS qualification is valid for 3 years. The two day training course includes a set of tests. On successfully completing the tests you will be able to: > Prepare traffic management plans > Know how to locate the information to refer, interpret and apply the standards and regulations of the NZTA Code Of...
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Audit Skills

Half day in the classroom Practical site visit and audit Assessment Certification Audit tools Auditing Methodology
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