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Photoshop is a powerful tool and Bring Your Own Laptop's Photoshop JumpStart is the quickest and easiest way to learn it.

Choose from either our 2 day JumpStart (intro) or 4 day BootCamp (intro & intermediate) courses. Both Photoshop training courses are aimed at people that have never used the Adobe Photoshop software before. You might be needing the class for work or you might be using it at home for photography. Either way you won't find better training than at Bring Your Own Laptop.

We are New Zealand's ONLY Adobe Photoshop Authorized Training Centre. So you know when you book your class with us that you'll be getting an approved, high quality course and trainer. Our Auckland and Wellington trainers are Adobe certified experts. Not only are they amazing communicators they have been using Photoshop professionally for many years.

You're Photoshop training also comes with a free refresher option. This means you can resit your course for free for a whole year.

Last but not least you get your trainers email address so you can ask questions and advice for 12 months. Awesome!
Method:Short courses
Duration:2 Day
Total hours of lesson:14
Accreditation:Adobe Certified Training Centre certificate
Requirements:This course is for people totally new to the software. A basic understanding of the operating system of a Mac or a pc - not to a high level. You'll need to bring your own laptop or we'll supply one free when you book. If you are bringing your own laptop make sure you have Photoshop installed. If you don't have a copy of the software a free trial can be downloaded from the website.
Students per class:9

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Contact the person in charge , free and at no obligation, for information on how to register, enrollment limit, availability and more.

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Course program

What's in your course.

This course is very comprehensive. You'll cover more than 80 Photoshop features including understanding layers, how to create a montage banner image, how to adjust photography playing with hue, saturation, blurs and cropping. You'll learn how to remove unwanted objects from photos, how to retouch faces to remove blemishes and spots. You'll learn when to use a JPEG verses and GIF or PNG and what files to send to a printer and which is best to use with other Adobe programs like InDesign or Illustrator.

This course is fully comprehensive and taught by New Zealand's ONLY Photoshop Authorized trainers. To find out more and book your course visit our website.

This course is suitable to CS5.5, CS6, CC and CC 2014.

Adding file info
Basic Colour Adjustment
Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones
Colour balance
Hue and saturation
Introducing layers
Making Selections
Creating a new document
Adding text
Layer styles
Cropping & straightening
Perspective cropping
Magic wand tool
Quick select tool
Image types
Colour modes
Save for web
Transform tools
Dodge tool
Desaturation tool
Healing brush
Blur Tool
Content aware scaling
Layer modes
Creating a montage
Layer masks
Channel masks
Adjustment layers
Red eye tool
Keyboard shortcuts
Colour Replacement
Effects Panel
Saving and Exporting
Advanced images
Puppet warp
Vanishing point
Quick Selection tool
Shake reduction
Smart sharpen
Radial Filter
New blur filters
Smart Filter Layers
Depth of field
Sync Settings
Share on Behance
Content Aware extend
Content Aware move
Content Aware fill
Patch tool
Advanced Masking
Channel masks with advanced techniques.
Layer Groups (with masks).
Calculations (masking)
Lens blur with alpha channels
Website skins
- Slice tool
- Layer effects and styles
- CSS attributes
- Properties panel for shapes (vector buttons).
Basic 3D (Type)
Intro to Video in Photoshop
Adjustment layers
Layer modes
Automated actions
Batch processing
Advanced layers
Smart objects from Illustrator
Choosing an colour profile
Upsample (adding pixels)

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Bring Your Own Laptop Ltd

Graphic design & website design training courses that work!
Why take a risk with your precious time and money? We're here to offer NZ's first Adobe Certified training. You can bring your own familiar laptop (or we'll loan you one free). Why settle for just a class when we can offer NZ's best aftercare support. Offering free re-sits, lifetime notes and your trainers personal email address for help.

We offer short courses to take you from Zero to Hero in
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash

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