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Are you looking for professional photography courses in Auckland? Join Bring Your Own Camera's beginner photography courses.

We have a range of training to choose from including our introduction to photography. This course runs over 1 Saturday and is aimed at people completely new to photography. You will be shown how to use your camera and what all the settings mean. You'll find out the best settings for taking action shots, night shots, low light and photography indoors.

You'll work with your professional trainer to really get to know how your camera works. You'll also spend a big part of the day on a walking tour experimenting with your new skills.

Need to learn everything you can about photography? Then you might try our 4 day Photography BootCamp. This course includes the above intro course and also includes our 3 other 'next step' courses - night, travel/street & landscape photography. The class runs over 4 months and you're able to pick and choose dates that suit you.

We also have stand alone courses including Night Photography, Landscape Photography & Street/Travel Photography. All of these courses focus on a different aspect of photography and all take in the great sites Auckland has to offer.

What we that other courses don't?
• We offer a free resit of your course
• We offer free email support from your trainer.

You won't find better photography courses in Auckland than at Bring Your Own Camera.
Duration:7 Hour
Accreditation:Bring Your Own Camera Certificate
Requirements:No previous photography experience is necessary. You'll need a DSLR camera or a point and shot that has manual settings. If you're not sure if your camera is right for the course please contact us and we'll let you know.
Students per class:9

Do you need further information?
Contact the person in charge , free and at no obligation, for information on how to register, enrollment limit, availability and more.

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Course program

What is Exposure?
Understanding light and the 'stops' in photography that control it.
The Exposure Triangle and relationship between ISO, Shutter and Aperture
Understanding ISO settings and effects on quality
Photo 101: ISO and quality
Understanding Shutter speeds to control motion and creative blur
Photo 101: Creative shutter speed
Understanding F Stops, the Aperture and Depth of Field
Photo 101: In focus? Exploring depth of field

Get your Camera?
Introducing the DSLR, how does this thing work?
Through the viewfinder, what do you see?
Big and fast, understanding lens choice, focal length and maximum aperture.
Photo 101: Effects of Lens choice
The autofocus modes, tracking action and composing shots.
Photo 101: Using autofocus. Going manual, tips for manual focus
Photo 101: Exploring manual focus
Measuring exposure, how the camera reads sees it, using your light meter and different metering modes.
Photo 101: Snow way? Tricky situations and ways around them.
Well exposed? Reading the histogram and using exposure compensation .
Photo 101: Using Exposure bracketing

Going Digital
Working with White Balance?
Shooting RAW or JPEG?
A bit about bit depth and image quality

Thinking about workflow
Into the Digital Darkroom a look at some of the tools
Demonstrating Lightroom

Into the Creative Modes
Exploring Shutter Priority
Photo 101: Playing with motion, tips to better handheld
Exploring Aperture Priority
Photo 101: Eyes wide open, hand held in low light
Exploring Manual Mode
Photo 101: Consider the options, taking full control
Exploring Bulb Mode
Photo 101: Prepared to wait? Long exposure photography
What are Custom Modes?

Composition in photography
Using the 'Rule of Thirds'
Understanding perspective
Follow the leading lines
What is the 'Golden Rule'?

Shutter Speeds
Working in shutter priority mode to capture motion and make creative blurs
Panning and zooming to track the action
Capturing fast and slow motion
Experimenting with creative blur.

Aperture Rules
Exploring depth of field and low light capture in aperture priority mode
Working with shallow depths of field and the effects of 'bokeh'
Hand held low light capture
Optimum aperture for street photography.

Manual Controls
Taking full charge of creative possibilities
Maximising depth of field, an intro to hyper focal distance
Exploring longer exposures
Bracketing exposures

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