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Services include Individual and Group Coaching sessions, Leadership and Personal Development workshops, conferences and retreats, weekly Wellbeing classes (for de-stressing and enhancing positivity), Change Management and Human Resource / Organisational Development consulting to help individuals, teams and organisations positively manage change and develop their positive potential. A leading edge consultancy, we incorporate mind training into our programmes for enhanced results. Contact me for further information or a free introductory consultation.


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Potentiate Your Wellbeing

Potentiate Your Wellbeing « Relaxation « Balance « Positivity « Resilience « Fulfillment « We invite you to join us for a contemplative relaxation and reflection class designed to assist you to: * Rejuvenate physically, mentally and emotionally * Let go of stress and anxiety and find an inner calmness * Bring greater...
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Potentiate Your Communication

6 module programme (6 x 1/2 days or 3 day training) customised for your workplace. Offered publicly based on demand. Includes the following modules: Mastering Crucial Conversations The Art of Coaching Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback Conflict Resolution Emotional Intelligence MBTI - Understanding Your Communication & Decision Making Style
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Positively Managing Change

Content – ½-1 day programme  The change process – a change model  Understanding the emotional side of change  Perceptions and their impact on one’s experience of change  Managing Your Emotions  12 Keys for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence  Top 10 Ways to Change Your Mind  10 Tips to Change Complaints (Feedback) into Opportunities  Understanding Your Team/Yourself in Times of...
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