SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy

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Type:Private Training Establishments
Method:In a classroom
Duration:6 Months
Accreditation:City & Guilds
Requirements:Grade 12 or equivalent
Students per class:18

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Course program

This superb qualification introduces the learner to the ever important element of baking.

Learners will be given the opportunity to work in a patisserie environment in order to gain first-hand experience of the baking industry.

The course includes specialised chocolate art and sugar art workshops and learners will be assisted in class to make their own celebrating cake which they will present upon completion of the course.

One industry placement over the 6month time period are incorporated to equip learners with practical expereince and application of their theoretical knowledge.

Course location

SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy

SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy is striving to become the premier Chef and Hospitality Academy in Gauteng.

SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy first opened its doors in October 2009 with our objective then being to fill the void for findamental chef education and training in a country where offering genuine hospitality has always been a way of life for its people.

Things have come a long way since then and as a prospective learner considering your future career, you should know that the goal of SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy is to play a leading role in instilling the highest standards of education and professionalism in the hospitality services, not just locally but on a national basis as well.

We are comitted to the success of each of our learners so that ultimately they will occupy various positions ranging from middle to senior levels of management throughout the hospitality industry.

SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy will embrace your inherent taletns and nurture you to grow to a level of expertise that will set you on a lifelong course of career satisfaction and fulfilment.

Research our programmes, come and view our facilities, see the success of our learners in industry and then join us for a brilliant future!

SA Chefs Training and Innovation Academy will rigorously maintain its continuous cirricular improvement, with new programmes of study that include lifelong learning opportunities for professionals, new and expanded facilities and a total commtment to excellence in education.

Welcome to our world!

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