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Indian Cooking Classes for Beginners

Indian Cooking Classes
Beginners Class Menu ( choose one) 1. Aaloo Tikki with chutney (Potato cake with tamarind sauce) 2. Tarka Daal Chawal with onion tomato salad (Ginger & garlic infused lentil & cumin rice) 3. Gajar Halwa (Carrot sweet) 1. Pakora (Onion bhaaji) Bite size pieces of...
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Personalized | 3 Hour

Kitchen assistant

Chef Academy
The course is organised in collaboration with Slow Food association and it’s supported by the provincial delegation of the Federazione Italiana Cuochi (Unione Regionale Cuochi Umbri) and by the University Campus of Rieti, Sabina Universitas. The course provides, not only practical classes...
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In a classroom | 150 Hour

Italian Cuisine Intensive Course

Chef Academy
Lesson 1 Traditions of the Italian cuisine and preparation of side dishes The basis of the Italian cuisine (techniques and ingredients) Tools for cooking and the use of knives Vegetables washing and cutting Different vegetables cooking methods How to prepare side dishes Lesson2 Starters “Antipasto all’italiana” Cheese and cured meats Cold...
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In a classroom | 1 Week

Introduction to New Zealand Wine, 2 weeks

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Introduction This popular two week introductory course offers the enthusiastic amateur the opportunity to study about wine, viticulture, wine making, tasting and matching food. The course will focus on the main wine varietals grown in New Zealand and the styles of wine that...
In a classroom | 2 Weeks

WSET® Intermediate, 2 weeks

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Introduction This intensive two week course explores the wines and spirits of the world. It is perfect for people who are passionate about wine as well as those working in the industry who wish to gain more knowledge and a well respected...
In a classroom | 2 Weeks

Restaurant & Cafe Management, 10 weekends

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Introduction This intensive 12 week programme is designed for people who wish to explore the possibilities of hospitality management before making a commitment to owning or managing a restaurant or cafe. This programme will enable you to better understand the challenges involved...
In a classroom | 20 Day

Certificate in Food & Beverage, Barista, Wine & Spirits

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Develop practical skills with our introduction to hospitality programme to enhance your career opportunities. In this course participants learn about the exciting world of wine and spirits which help in building senior roles in the hospitality industry. We guide you through what...
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Full time | 16 Weeks

Barista Course

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Barista Part One This three session barista course will teach you to make delicious coffee every time. Our barista course covers espresso recipes, terms and techniques, and you will learn how the different roasts, grinds and storage options affect the quality of coffee....
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Short courses | 1 Week

Foundation Programme in Cookery, 32 weeks

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Introduction Gain the specialist skills you need to have an exciting career in culinary arts or hospitality and graduate with industry recognised, respected New Zealand and international qualifications. This intensive programme starts with all students studying the essentials of the culinary arts...
In a classroom | 32 Weeks

Certificate in Cookery (Advanced) - Full Time

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Learn the specialist skills you need to have an exciting career in culinary arts and graduate with industry recognised and well respected qualifications. What will I learn? Our Certificate in Cookery programme concentrates on the principles of French Cuisine and provides a thorough...
In a classroom | 20 Weeks

Professional Wine Knowledge (Sommelier), 12 weeks

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Introduction Wine has become so fashionable yet obtaining a formal international qualification in wine knowledge has only recently become available in New Zealand. The New Zealand School of Food & Wine is the only WSET® authorised provider in New Zealand offering a 12...
In a classroom | 12 Weeks

Individual Indian Cooking Classes For a group

Raindrop Art Studio
Group cooking Classes * Organize with your friends or workmates * Need minimum 6 people in one class up to 30 * Invite us at your locations or let us organize the evening for you * For all more information please visit
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Evening courses | 4 Hour

Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)

New Zealand School of Food & Wine
Do you need to sell or supply alcohol where you work? If so, you need to hold the LCQ Licence Controller Qualification that consists of unit standards: 4646 - Demonstrate knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications...
In a classroom | 2 Day

Fresh Cheesemaking for Beginners

Northcote College Community Education
Community Education
Evening courses | 6 Hour
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