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Advanced Reading Skills for the Information Age

Ruwan Investments NZ Ltd
Learn and absorb reading material 3 Times Faster than you can now. Do you realize you are reading this page with the reading skills you learned in the primary school ? It is time to update your reading skills? This is much more than...
In a classroom | 8 Weeks

Communication Strategies

Minerva Pro
Communication – it’s simple isn’t it? If it is so simple, then why do we get it wrong so often? Effective communication at home and work. Remove barriers and ensure your message is clearly understood. People who wish to improve their communication skills...
Short courses | 2 Day

Managing Difficult Conversations

Minerva Pro
Find it a challenge to have a difficult conversation? Wished that you had only said.....? Find it hard to keep a difficult conversation on track? We have many interactions throughout the day, it's reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be...
Short courses | 1 Day
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