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Graphic design & website design training courses that work!
Why take a risk with your precious time and money? We're here to offer NZ's first Adobe Certified training. You can bring your own familiar laptop (or we'll loan you one free). Why settle for just a class when we can offer NZ's best aftercare support. Offering free re-sits, lifetime notes and your trainers personal email address for help.

We offer short courses to take you from Zero to Hero in
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash


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Photoshop Courses

What's in your course. This course is very comprehensive. You'll cover more than 80 Photoshop features including understanding layers, how to create a montage banner image, how to adjust photography playing with hue, saturation, blurs and cropping. You'll learn how to remove unwanted objects from photos, how to retouch faces to...

Illustrator Intro

Illustrator Training Course in Auckland & Wellington using versions CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 215. At our Illustrator training course you will learn how this corner stone of computer drawing and graphic design can be used to create crisp and clear illustrations, logos, graphics, diagrams and graphs. We'll break through all...

InDesign Intro

You can use InDesign CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015 for this course. Course Outline: Setting up documents Managing pages Text essentials Using imagery Understanding colour Bullets and numbered lists Borders Text threading Formatting objects Transforming objects Paragraph formatting Exporting for print Packaging files Sending files to printer PDF essentials What is bleed & slug Info panel Links panel Special characters Placeholder text Auto page numbering Anchored obj

Web Design Combo

What's covered in your course: You'll start with the basics of HTML & CSS (the building blocks of any website). You'll learn what hosting is and how to select a domain name. You'll move to more advanced techniques before the week is through. Looking at things like image galleries, slide shows,...

Design Combo

Adding file info Basic Colour Adjustment Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones Colour balance Hue and saturation Introducing layers Making Selections Levels Retouching Creating a new document Adding text Layer styles Cropping & straightening Perspective cropping Magic wand tool Quick select tool Image types Colour modes Resolution Save for web Transform tools Dodge tool Desaturation tool Healing brush Burning Blur Tool Content aware scaling Layer modes Creating a montage

Photography Courses in Auckland & Wellington

What is Exposure? Understanding light and the 'stops' in photography that control it. The Exposure Triangle and relationship between ISO, Shutter and Aperture Understanding ISO settings and effects on quality Photo 101: ISO and quality Understanding Shutter speeds to control motion and creative blur Photo 101: Creative shutter speed Understanding F Stops, the Aperture and Depth of Field Photo...

Edge Animate Training Course in New Zealand

Understanding the Interface Understanding Edge workflow Creating a new project Using the drawing tools Transform tool Properties panel Understanding web fonts Importing Making a composition Animating Elements Transitions and fades Easing animations Motion blur Animation paths Play controls Create banner ad Create image gallery Parallax effect CSS filters Colour usage & CSS gradients Using Photoshop & Illustrator Templates Adding audio Auto Keyframe Auto Transition Tog

Adobe Muse Training

Adobe Muse Training In our 2 day Adobe Muse training course you'll learn how to create amazing websites! And what's more you wont need to learn HTML and CSS coding to do so. We'll show you how to build a Google friendly site and take you through the templated features of Muse. Plus...

Photoshop Advanced

Photoshop CC 2015 At Bring Your Own Laptop Authorised training centre we offer a 2 day Photoshop Advanced course. This is great for those who have attended our 2 day Photoshop Intro course already or those with a good understand of Photoshop already. Either way we take a good or intermediate user...

Dreamweaver JumpStart

Dreamweaver Training Courses in Auckland & Wellington using CS4, CS5 & CS5.5. Website design can be confusing to get started with. But with our Adobe Certified Instructor led class we will show you how Adobe Dreamweaver can make it simple. Your trainer is an expert in website creation and will demystify the seemingly...
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